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Could answer questions in detail in just 4 to 6 mins and so got in hassle with the higher ups who advised that I get schooling on how to find 15 to 20 mins out of every phone call. I do not need to waffle when persons are paying $6 per minute for advice. It was a time when I relocated cities and needed a little boast to income. Learned how to read auras over the phone very effortlessly, as before I needed head to head to read people. Refined a few skills doing it, but operators are very money orientated, and care little for their clients. In those days many readers would bleed consumers by becoming fake friends and so once they were lonely they would ring up for a pleasant insightful chat. The word tarot is not Egyptian, Hebrew, or Latin. It is not an anagram, and it doesn’t hold the important thing to the secret of the cards. On the opposite, the earliest names for the Tarot are all Italian. The cards seem to have initially been known as the carte da trionfi, or cards of triumphs”. Then, the word tarocchi began to be used in Italy, while the Germans used the word tarock, and the French enlisted the word tarot. Edition 2- 55 cards plus 148 pg Guidebook.